May / June 2017 Condo Pricing Guide

Fort Lauderdale
Condos Pricing Guide

Here is my pricing guide for Fort Lauderdale condos based on median sales prices over the last 60 days.

 Median Beds/Baths SF/FF Sale Price
ALL 2 / 2 1,125 $148,417
W/Front 2 / 2 1,165 $179,250
O/Front 2 / 2 1,377 $380,000
GaltOcean 2 / 2 1,442 $402,500
Luxury 3 / 2 2,364 $685,000

We can see from this report the median for ALL Fort Lauderdale condo sales at $148,417 – and how the median changes across different condo “categories” all the way up-to a median of $685,000 for luxury Fort Lauderdale condos.

It is important to note that over median prices remain soft  / have softened for most categories of Fort Lauderdale condos sold over the last 60 days!

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Galt Ocean Mile Condos

Galt Ocean Mile
Condos Sales

In this post we review recent sales of Galt Ocean Mile condos over the last 6 months and I share my thoughts on these statistics.

Key Sales Statistics
for Buyers / Sellers

  • Sales Prices from $150,000 – $3,100,000

Median Sales Prices

  • Sales Price last 6 Months $413,750
    -2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Unit
  • Median Sales to List Price 92%
  • Days on Market 91 Days

It is also important to note is that median sales prices for Galt Ocean Mile condos remain soft!

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In this post we cover median sales prices by bedroom, list price to sales price as well as days on market.

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Luxury Galt Ocean Mile Condos

Luxury Fort Lauderdale condos for sale here on Galt Ocean Mile are direct oceanfront units – they are literally set right on the beachfront!

This “prime” location is home to many fine and luxurious condominium complexes.

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Our Pricing Guide:

Here is our May / June 2017 pricing guide based on recent sales of luxury Galt Ocean Mile condos over the last 90 days…

  • For Luxury 2 bedroom Galt Ocean Mile condos the median sales price has been $535,000 – down from our last post!
  • For Luxury 3 bedroom Galt Ocean Mile condos the median sales price is $785,000  – down our last post!

Galt Ocean  Mile offers a great range of luxury Fort Lauderdale condos for sale with prices from $500,000 to over $1.3 Million dollars.

In the last 90 days  / 3 Months there have been 20 x Luxury Galt Ocean Mile condos sold – an increase over prior posts!

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Fountainhead Condos

Fountainhead Condos
Fort Lauderdale

Welcome to our April / May 2017 post on Fountainhead condos for sale here in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Fountainhead is a luxury direct oceanfront condominium on the beachfront here at the end of the famous Galt Ocean Mile


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There are currently 8 x Luxury Fort Lauderdale condos for sale in Fountainhead on Galt Ocean Mile – 4 of which is are new listings.

There have been 4 closed sales over the last 12 months! 

In this post we discuss units for sale, new listings, pending sales and also recent sales prices, sales prices by bedroom & sales prices per sq ft. 

We also discuss how long units are taking to sell (called days on market) – and how much buyers are paying for units (sales prices to list price %) as well as the highest prices paid for units over the last 6 months!

We also compare recent sales trends in Fountainhead – Important information for both buyers and sellers!

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